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icons & more by cherryice578437

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to all Rolling Stones fans incase you are wondering I did name the journal after 1 of my favorite songs by them:"Brown Sugar" =)*starts singing*

hello all you have come across cherryice578437`s icon journal.here you will find all the icons i make,if you are wondering the type of icons i make heres the list:

-mostly things i love
-Tim Burton films
-classic actress`s
so naturally there will be a huge varity of things =)

~if you take anything please comment on what you are taking
~if you do take please credit cherryice578437 or brownsugaricons

Q:do you take requests?
A:yes I do take requests if im not busy.

Q:how can I request?
A:. just comment here =)

Q:yay icon journal,I have one to! want to affaliate?
A:sure,I will affalitate with any icon related journals/communitys

Q:how do I let you know i want to affalitate?
A:just comment on the latest post and let me know =)

Resources -> here =)

how to credit:
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Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
all the graphics,layout,etc all made by Me